Digital Marketing Services

Witness the transformation of your business with our unique creative design solutions. Grow your business through the design and digital services of Ardaya Designs.

Our innovative

Branding Strategies

We make your idea become Reality by using our creative design solutions.

When you start a new business you wish to spike the first impression with a remarkable design. You always need change, innovation and creativity. Our digital capabilities knows what makes you great.

Customised Design

Visual Advertising

We design everything you want to publish or print in order to advertise your business. For those who don’t have anything at all to start a business we offer you a whole package within a reasonable price.

Print Ads

Visualise on Paper

We offer you to print every kind of designs. (Flyers, Business cards, Brochures and more. With high quality you can reach your clients by touch and look.

Brand Identity

Branding Development

Give your visual identity greater clarity and authority. We will provide you with visual branding services. That way your business can achieve their goal in an easier way.

Business Startup

Startup Help

We want to help those without experience and starting of with a small budget. That’s why we have created a package which includes all the essentiels that a business needs for a great start!

Web Design

Brand on the web

We offer different design packages which fit perfect for startups that want to start branding themselves online. Or for the small business looking for more powerful website features.

Logo Design

Business Logo

A logo can strengthen a business brand because it can instantly identify a company. We offer few services in logo design. You can choose the package that suits you the most.


Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is very important to maintain a well-structured website.  Regularly updating and maintaining your site is crucial to ensuring that your site is running powerfull and safe.


Online shop solutions

We can provide you with the best online shop software. You can instantly sell your products there. We are offering affordable packages which include everything you need to get started.

Coming soon

The Team of Ardaya has a lot planned for everyone of you. A bunch of new stuff is coming, but it needs careful planning and some time. Effective planning avoids wasted time and stress, so have patience and bare with us.

Social Media

Social Media Managment

Social Media is very important to make a company grow. It is essential to promote a brand, service or product. A smart strategy is one that includes both segments to advertise a brand.


Keep your memories

Photography services are very  important for society. Since it helps to keep your memories, whether it is for weddings, baby showers, events  or couples. We also offer  photo album services.

Ardaya Apparel

Sports and Street wear

Clothes are a part of your personality, so discover our fashionable shirts, hoodies, joggings, yoga pants, sports underwear and caps made out of high quality materials. 

Personalised Articles

Print anything on stuff

There is always the possibilty to print random stuff on different articles or on your clothes. Perfect for Christmas or birhtday gifts. Such as clothes, canvas, mugs, cutting plates and so much more.

Ready to be

our next client?

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