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We embrace diversity and understand that each person, company or organization has different needs. That's why we try to fulfill your needs with our marketing designs at any stage of your business.


Design Solutions

When you think of a creative design what comes to your mind? A painting? A book? How about a cool poster? These are just a few of the most common mental images evoked by people when asked about designs. Creative design or graphic design focuses on communicating a message visually. It is all about you. It’s about expressing an idea in the best way using visual story telling. This may sound simple, but it requires problem solving and understanding. That is why we offer lots of solutions.

When you start a new business you wish to spike the first impression with a remarkable logo design. Even more, a powerful and impressive company branding goes with business cards, brochures, website, flyers and even more. A good branding will help you seal the deal, that is why we took our time to create our own brand. Here a few mock up for our own company.
If you want to know more about our styles, our work for clients or companies then come take a look at our portfolio.

Our innovative

Branding Strategies

Web Design

Visual Brand on the web

We offer different design packages which fit perfect for startups that want to start branding themselves online or for the small business looking for more powerful website features.

Customised Design

Visual Advertising

We design everything you want to publish or print in order to advertise your business. For those who haven’t anything at all to start a business we offer you a whole package within a reasonable price.

Brand Identity

Logo and Brand Design

Give your visual identity, greater clarity and Authority. We will provide you with visual branding services. That way your business can achieve its goal in a more easy way.


Online Shop Website

We can provide you with the best online shop software. You can sell instantly your products. We offer affordable packages which include everything you need to get started.

Our Offer

for Business Startups

What you need most to get started as a business owner is a modern a stylish branding which includes a logo, a website, advertising and so much more.

Included in this package

Our business starter is an all in one package for your new business idea.


We only offer this package to all the new start ups so they can start their business with a strong base.

What you need most to get started as a business owner is a modern a stylish branding which includes a logo, a website, advertising and so much more.

There is more

coming very soon

Ardaya is currently creating its own clothing brand. Enjoy our Collections at reasonable budgets. Clothes are a part of your personality so discover our fashionable shirts, hoodies, joggings and caps made out of high quality materials.

Perfect for christmas and birthday gifts. We also want to help you keep your precious moments in your life. That is why we offer different shootings. To keep those memories save we offer you the chance to get Photoalbums customised by us.

In order to create more workplaces at Ardaya we will add even more services in the near future. There will be the possibility to print stuff on different articles or on your own clothes. 


asked questions

No! The packages can be used by anyone who wants to either create their first webpage or small- to big business.

Yes! If you need a website that does not fall into one of the package categories above, we will set together a package fully customised at your needs.

Yes of course! Depending on the package, you can pay the amount in different instalments/rates.

Yes, we will listen to your idea and try to turn it into reality.

As the Ardaya team has been growing tremendously over the past few months, we consider hiring some more Web designers and Graphic designers out of Luxemburg! Just get into contact with us by writing a message in the contact form and we will try to get back to you in no time. 

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