About us

Ardaya is based on a simple idea by two young adults with the same mindset. As they realized, that this world had a lot of flaws, they started their first company, with the mindset of turning this planet into a better place. Of course, this isn’t an easy task, that’s why they had to rely on many friends in order to make their dream come true.
Our story began with a simple thought: “We want to help the world; we want to show the inside from our mind within our own way. What could be better than supporting customers with their own brand by creating a whole new one. Customers are transforming faster, and we want to reach them, because if we don’t, we failed.” We wanted to create a brand that is provided with trusted products and high-quality work. That is why we created our first company Ardaya Designs, a company with many ways to make your dream come true.
With rich affluence of experience in our team, Ardaya Designs can provide a solution to any of your issues in business marketing. We are more than capable of providing a professional and quality service.

Ardaya Designs was founded in 2019 by David S. and Yannick C. as a full-service design studio for the digital marketing world. We provide services to individuals and businesses. Depending upon the individual needs and challenges of each sector we serve, we have joined our services to fulfill the needs with our marketing designs at any stage of your business. This way, we value experience to our client and not just a service.

Meet our Founders

Ardaya Designs was founded because we wanted safe, effective products that perform. We understand that staying focused on strategic company goals instead of unending operation processes is a task which can be tough. It turns out to be possible though due to a unique combination of our team knowledge and talents. Customers conviction and trust in our company is also due to reach those goals. Mutual support, knowledge sharing, trust and common values, that’s what makes our company strong and unique.

Generally interested in new technology and creating websites. Constantly motivated to research in different domains and gather information, for example in the field of technology, nutrition science, financial trading and investments. We always had the vision to create our own company, because we wanted to turn our own ideas into reality and not have to depend on other people.

They both learn from each other and teach themselves all the advertising software as well as business fundamentals: marketing strategy and Instagram marketing + build a drop shipping empire from scratch. They share all their knowledge so that Ardaya Designs can function at 100 %.

Our Vision

Ardaya Designs is an all around design studio in the heart of Luxemburg. It is the first company founded by Ardaya, as a way to make the world a better place. The point of using our creativity, mindset and selflessness is by helping companies and independent souls chase their goals and dreams. We’re a small team with big ideas and big challenges. We help connect customers with their business through everything, that matters most. The team has one passionate freelancer working as graphic designer and one as a web designer.

We are people with big hearts, who are inspired by authenticity, long conversations and the spirit of adventure. By the way we love the job. Soon, the team will grow.It is very important for us that our customers are satisfied and recommend us to everyone so we can help others as soon as possible. We are 100% transparent with our complete process with all our clients from the beginning and this creates a trusting relationship between us and you.

Our Mission

Our specific goal is to orientate our services towards the generation born between 1980 and 2000. Everyone born in that generation is the future of marketing for brands because of their tech savvy skills and social media knowledge which allow them to not only train older generations, but also to reach masses of people. Yet they are a generation misunderstood by businesspeople.

Ardaya Designs provides our clients with strategic planning, cross medium design, creative solutions and cutting-edge consulting to help understand the business, teen -and young adult market. Typical design studios may have the tools, mindset and experience to deliver good enough products, but that’s why we will try to offer more creative design solutions combined with the highest quality on the Luxemburgish market to stand out of the competition.

We do respect the design traditions of the past but understand the present while constantly looking into the near future. We are well prepared to take on the struggles of tomorrow. Our team will put every effort in order to provide a quality product and service to our client. Our creative thinking and planning allow us to position ourselves as design leaders. Thoughtful design can have a much greater impact on a business by creating content that resonates with the audience and influences their purchase decisions. Therefore, creating unique online and offline assets which achieve business growth and revenue is a passion we as a team share.

It is a long-established fact, that the founders of Ardaya Designs are passionate making the world a better place through helping others grow their business with great design. Above all, our goal is to maintain a productive workplace to better serve our clients and keep our staff motivated. Our main goal is to constantly donate money to different charities, because many villages in this world need education, food and medication. Another concern is the massacre on animals by humans and their ignorance. We want to make the world a better place.

To achieve all that we will provide our future employees an exciting, comfortable and healthy-working environment full of growth, productivity and potential; a library of resources and tools for better productivity and even tutorials to get better and stay up to date in our domain. A relaxing compartment with couches, music boxes and gaming.

Our main office space along with departments will be free and open allowing for ideas to flow easily from one person to the next. We won’t forget about enough windows in our workplace to provide our team with enough oxygen and sunshine. We want to offer a strong healthy workplace of creative individuals to customers. Our studio will get a staff with multitalented, unique individuals with discipline and different backgrounds working together to help our clients experience the difference between our company and the others. We will guide our clients and help them achieve their goals. At Ardaya Designs we can help at every step on their path with our creative design solutions.